Arizona’s Indian Gaming Phenomenon


le 22/11/2014 à 06:46


“It’s the tribal in tribal gaming that makes the difference and this has been a banner year for Indian gaming in Arizona,” said Valerie Spicer, Executive Director of the Arizona Indian Gaming Association.

Kicking off the annual AIGA EXPO at the Fort McDowell We-ko-pa Resort in Scottsdale last week, Spicer told nearly 500 attendees, “This phenomenon of Indian gaming blows my mind. As of the third quarter of this year, we reached over a billion dollars in contributions made to the State of Arizona, a clearly significant event because sharing gaming revenues sets our industry apart. Our culture teaches us to give back and help others, providing not only for our own people, but for everyone who calls our state home.”

In addition to its impact through revenue sharing, tribal gaming in Arizona makes a major economic impact with more than 15,000 people directly employed in the industry. When indirect jobs are added, the number exceeds 22,000. “If you look at gaming as a sub-category of industry,” said Spicer, “tribal gaming facilities are part of the Top 5 employers in the state and the economic contributions made to Indian communities from gaming mean more development, expansion, and diversification.” Arizona is home to 22 tribes and AIGA represents 18 of them or more than 90 percent of Indian people living on reservations throughout the state.


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