Canada federal court approves settlements for Sixties Scoop class action victims


le 12/08/2018 à 06:08

Vincent Schilling
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Information on how Sixties Scoop victims can seek compensation available here.

According to the Ontario Superior Court and the Federal Court of Canada, the courts have approved a settlement “between representatives of certain survivors of the Sixties Scoop and the Federal Government of Canada, that provides compensation for loss of cultural identity to certain survivors of the Sixties Scoop.”

In October of 2017, Canada reached a $635 million settlement with the First Nations victims of the “Sixties Scoop,” a program that gained its nickname when child welfare agencies removed thousands of indigenous children from their communities — primarily in the 60’s — and placed them with foster families or adopting families all over the world.

After years of fighting the Canadian federal government, Lead claimant Chief Marcia Brown Martel has won the case awarding the payout of $800 million Canadian / $635 million American to about 20,000 victims.

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In a release, by PRNewswire and according to the class action firm Koskie Minsky LLP, “this lawsuit argues that Indian children who were victims of the Sixties Scoop lost their cultural identity and, as a result, suffered psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and physically. They were also deprived of their status, their aboriginal and treaty rights and monetary benefits to which they were entitled pursuant to the Indian Act, RSC 1985, c I­5 and related legislation and policies.”

“The representatives of certain survivors of the Sixties Scoop and Canada have agreed to a settlement. By agreeing to the settlement, the parties avoid the costs and uncertainty of a trial and delays in obtaining judgment, and certain survivors of the Sixties Scoop receive the benefits described in the settlement agreement. By settling this class action, the representatives of certain survivors of the Sixties Scoop and Canada have also been able to create a Foundation to enable change and reconciliation.”

In addition to the announcement of the settlement, the class action site and release include a list of resources for victims to file claims for monetary compensations. The notice was approved by the Federal Court and the Ontario Superior Court.

Questions to answers by claimants are listed as follows:


To make a claim for money, you must fill in a Claim Form and send it to the claims office. Copies of the Claim Form are available here:



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