Grants Help Vets Find Final Resting Place Close to Home


le 17/09/2015 à 06:23


Edmond Andrew Harjo, a World War II code talker who passed away in March 2014, had always wanted to be buried close to his roots.

A new tribal veteran cemetery at the Seminole Nation helped make that happen. A grant from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs helped to build the cemetery on tribal land.

Galen Greenwalt, director of the Veterans Affairs Department at the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, said it’s gratifying that Harjo is the first veteran interred at the Seminole Nation and Veterans Memorial Cemetery because it has great symbolism.

“First, it honors one of our own, in the sense of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma. There is a certain amount of pride in that context,” he said. Harjo’s work is a reminder that everyone can do something to be apart in the nation’s battles, Greenwalt said.


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