Houska: Where Does the Death of Paul Castaway Leave Us?


le 17/09/2015 à 06:24


On July 23, Denver police fatally shot 35-year-old Paul Castaway, a Lakota man whose mother called 911 asking for help with her mentally ill son. Video surveillance shows Castaway holding a knife to his neck, walking towards the officers, who then open fire.

Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey has declined to bring charges against the officer who shot and killed Paul Castaway.

“In this case, Castaway’s decision to turn, confront the officers and deliberately advance toward Officer Traudt, knife in hand, rather than complying with his orders, compelled Officer Traudt to shoot,” reads the report written by Morrissey.

Did we see the same video?

“Knife in hand” is apparently on par with “knife to his own throat” when electing to shoot someone multiple times. Witnesses say Castaway’s final words were “What’s wrong with you guys?”

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