HUD Report: Improving Native Housing Must Be National Priority


le 14/09/2015 à 07:04


As the first major federal study of Native housing needs in 15 years nears the finish line, it is clear that improving housing for American Indians and Alaska Natives needs to be a national priority.

The ambitious housing needs study, being conducted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, is scheduled to be released in April of next year. The most recent study of the topic in this depth was done by the CDFI Fund, a branch of the Treasury Department, in 2001.

Though the report is not out yet, an interim report issued last year points to its probable conclusions. “The circumstances of the American Indians and Alaska Natives population should continue to be a priority concern for national policy in these areas: continued population growth and the remaining gap between American Indians and Alaska Natives populations and other Americans,” it concludes.


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