#NativeNerd Movie Review: Five movies I've seen recently - some minor spoilers


le 25/08/2018 à 08:24

Vincent Schilling
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Mile 22, Slenderman, The Meg, Alpha, and The Equalizer 2 ... some were good, great or corny. Denzel had weird hair ...

Here we go again in this week's latest installment of Native Nerd.

My nephew Parker had summer school this year and finally has had the past two weeks off. As a 16-year-old millennial that is surgically attached to his phone, boredom creeps in quick. He is hilarious and I enjoy spending time with him, so over the past few weeks we decided to see a few films at our local AMC theater.

Yes these movies have been weird, I've seen them all with my nephew Parker, and sometimes my friend Dann. Ever the journalist, I keep some of the details in my head to write about them later and thus ... here are a few reviews, in a Native Nerd way, of course.

Don't expect full cast details or other such meanderings, I really just want to cut to the meat of these movies, with a broad brush. I'll give them a score of one to five Native Nerd emoji's - One being terrible, five being great / definitely go see it.

Mile 22

This is a movie about a team of secret operatives that must search to find the secret hidden radioactive dust hidden by some devious terrorist. When a man comes in boasting that he has all of the locations hidden on a encrypted hard drive, he demands to be taken to the United States for asylum. Mark Wahlberg (aka Marky Mark) plays the head operative who keeps having to snap an armband on his wrist to 'calm his racing thoughts.'

I guess the director thought this was some sort of key moment for Marky, who literally drove me bonkers by consistently snapping the wrist band and of course the director kept seemingly turning up the volume for each snap. After a few minutes, I was like, "Good grief STOP already! I get it!" In addition, Marky has to act like some raving mad dog on 20 cups of espresso. Definitely not his best performance.

Rhonda Rousey was in it ... she was pretty good, so was Maggie from the Walking Dead. The only problem is that I have watched too much Walking Dead ---well, not really a problem, the show is spectacular -- but I just couldn't let it go.

All said, the acting by Marky was annoying. But man, the action in this movie was fantastic, albeit quite bloody.

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