Natives and City of Phoenix Push for Squaw Peak Drive Name Change


le 16/03/2017 à 07:22

Residents of Squaw Peak Drive dig in for road that leads to Piestewa Peak
Alysa Landry • March 15, 2017

Every year, half a million hikers scale 2,600-foot Piestewa Peak, one of the highest crests in Phoenix and recently renamed as a memorial to Army Spc. Lori Piestewa, the first Native American woman to die in combat on foreign soil. But to reach the hiking trail, visitors first must travel Squaw Peak Drive, a mile-long residential street at the heart of a controversy that is pitting lawmakers against property owners. Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton last fall began pushing to change the street’s name, which includes a derogatory term for Native American women.

“The current street name is derogatory and offensive to many, especially Native Americans,” Stanton said in an email to ICMN. “Per my request, staff is looking to change it in a manner that’s least inconvenient to people living near Piestewa Peak.”


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