Popular Indian Mortgage Program Now Costs More


le 22/11/2014 à 06:47


The Department of Housing and Urban Development section 184 American Indian mortgage has just gotten more expensive for Indians.

New recipients of the popular loan will see an increase in the “points” they pay at closing from 1 percent to 1.5 percent. And many existing 184 borrowers will have to pay a .15 percent yearly premium, tacking an average of $22 extra per month on their payment for a program-average copy75,000 mortgage.

The yearly premium can be cancelled once a mortgage has been paid down to 78 percent of the original loan.

HUD, in the Federal Register, explains the need for the increase as a factor of its increasing success in making mortgages to American Indians and Alaska Natives (tribes and their housing entities are also eligible for 184s).

“Over the last five years, the Section 184 program has doubled the number of loans and eligible families being assisted by the program. For HUD to continue to meet the increasing demand for participation in this program, HUD is exercising its new statutory authority to implement an annual premium to the borrower,” the agency said.

“Without an annual premium, an appropriation of $8 million for Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 would support only about $318 million in new loan guarantee commitments, less than half of the amount the program guaranteed in 2013.”



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