The Week That Was: The Big Stories in Indian Country, February 22, 2015


le 23/02/2015 à 08:07


It's our recap of the stories that mattered most:

SUSPICIOUS RESEMBLANCE: On Tuesday, Crow/Northern Cheyenne designer Bethany Yellowtail saw a dress based on traditional Crow aesthetics on the runway at Fashion Week in New York City. Unfortunately, despite a clear similarity, it wasn't a B.Yellowtail design—it was a creation of the London-based label Kokon to Zai (KTZ).

PREVENTABLE TRAGEDY: Two toddlers died in a First Nation reserve fire in the wee hours of Tuesday February 17, as firefighters slept in the neighboring village—unsummoned because there was no longer a contract, officials said the next day.

PUT IT TO A VOTE: The Navajo Nation Supreme Court on Friday ordered an election to take place “as soon as possible and without further delay” and for only two candidates – Joe Shirley Jr. and Russell Begaye – to be on the ballots. The court’s opinion struck down legislation that would have allowed a repeat of last year’s primary election with all 17 original candidates competing again for the Nation’s highest elected position.

MAKING MOVIES: Award-winning actress Irene Bedard (Inupiat/Yup'ik/Cree) has announced that she plans to make a film version of the 1993 novel Two Old Women through her production company Sleeping Lady Films Waking Giants Productions.

UNLIKELY IMAGE: Once again, the debate over the alleged tintype photo of Crazy Horse has surfaced. True West magazine in its January 2015 issue features "100 Best Historical Photos of the American Indian," and photo number 97 includes the tantalizing caption, "Is This Crazy Horse?"


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