The Week That Was: The Big Stories in Indian Country, September 27, 2015


le 28/09/2015 à 07:00


A Mohawk haircut got a 7-year-old briefly thrown out of school, while an abusive priest was canonized. Those stories and more marked this past week in Indian country.

“DISTRACTING” HAIRSTYLE: A 7-year-old second grader whose parents are from the Seneca and Paiute tribes was sent home from school in Santa Clara, Utah, because his traditional Mohawk hairstyle was deemed “too distracting” to teachers and students. He had requested the haircut, according to his father, but the school called the boy’s mother and told her it violated the dress code.

School officials capitulated after Seneca Nation Tribal Council member William Canella wrote them a letter saying, “It’s disappointing that your school does not view diversity in a positive manner, and it is our hope that (the boy) does not suffer any discrimination by the school administration or faculty as a result of his hair cut.”

“WE HAVE SOVEREIGN LAND!” The Mashpee celebrated as they officially took possession of 170 acres of land in trust, a first for the tribe.


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